Classic Magic Tricks Revealed

Here are nine of the world’s greatest tricks – revealed! These Magician’s Secrets were told to me by a well-known former magician (who obviously wouldn’t let me use his name).  I see him at the grocery store all the time, making fruit disappear into his pockets.  He said if I bought him a six-pack of pale ale, he’d fill me in on some of the greatest illusions the world has ever seen, including “Mr. Boxer’s Petrol Can,” “The Fortune Teller’s Third Hand,” “The Flying Saucers of County Kilkenny,” “Grandma Guesses What You Ate for Dinner” – and more!   Hurry up and take a look before someone rats on me and I have to pull these secrets from the internet.  Someone’s gonna be pissed.  Prepare yourself…

I hope you enjoyed these secrets.  Once you learn how a magician thinks, YOU WON”T GET FOOLED AGAIN!

Where are my tickets for the Magic Castle?


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