charlotte digging her new curtains

A great day shopping with Charlotte.  Searching for a bridal shower gift, food and curtains.  Sunset and Cahuenga had it all.  Hennessy + Ingalls (you could turn pages for hours). “Where the Wild Things Are” display at Urban Outfitters (Charlotte was in heaven).  Went to Amoeba (my Slings & Arrows fix), went to Borders (perfect gift – a Twilight lunchbox), fed the meter a few times, Baja Fresh (we’ll be back, brian), then Bed Bath and Beyond.

Since Charlotte’s room was remodeled in the mid-to-late 00’s, there has been a definite lack of curtains.  The sliding glass doors are 7′ x 8′ – so it’s kind of bright.  (Char wears sunglasses all day.)  At B3 Char found curtains she liked.  We got them, brought them home and hung them up. Beyond, as RZ would say.

Simple trip.  Played, worked.  On the road, baby.  More days like this.


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