I’m addicted to "No Reservations." But I’m not a chef. I can read a recipe. I just don’t ususally have more than film and mustard in my refrigerator. So, impulsive, clever cooking is not usually an option.
‘Twas my birthday recently. And for one party, I decided to bring an old favorite, a guilty pleasure – pigs in a blanket. Yummy. Big hit. Charlotte and I popped and cut the Pillsbury dough, and then rolled our own. Little smokey links. They were all eaten. Well, 4 out of the 48 were left.
But at home, I had something new in my refrigerator. A few leftover pieces of Pillsbury crescent roll dough. So, one afternoon, on one of my many trips to the kitchen opening the refrigerator and the pantry where I usually just stared at almost nothing — suddenly there were blankets. But no pigs. I did however, have some mustard-packed sardines. Mmmm. If the fish fits…

I’m trying to save money. Or trying not to spend so much. Whatever, it’s not working. This Bourdain show reveals endless great meal after great meal (of course, with the occasional really disgusting food stuff). But all this great food. Lots of pork. And beef. So, on a recent thrift-shop trip to the grocery store, I bought a filet mignon. It just looks better than the other steaks. And it costs a lot less than sushi. A little foie gras, some mushrooms, and I was ready for a Sunday dinner. I went online to find a recipe for filet mignon. Usually, I’d just throw it on the barbeque and hope that I’d remember I had food cooking in time to save it from turning into charcoal (ah, those poor Italian sausages… all black crust and no innards…). Online, I find a series of VIDEOS on how to cook filet mignon. So, I sear the meat in a frying pan (to seal in the juice). And then I grill it. I sautee some mushrooms and put a few slices of foie gras on the steak as it’s cooking. (I actually cut the beast in two, so I had two filets) And voilá!

The meat and the mushrooms were delicious. Foie gras, on the other hand, tastes like… what’s a polite word… "liver." Because it is liver. I try liver every ten years or so and am violently reminded that I can’t stand the taste. Foie gras (paté, if you’re being picky) is like expensive liver sausage. Now, liver sausage, I can eat. Lots of mustard, it’s somehow sweeter than liver. But foie gras. On top of the filet, it’s interesting for a second. And then it suddenly leaves an aftertaste of… shit. So. Those little slabs were scraped away. Luckily, the filet’s taste overpowered the ill-chosen topping.

Did I mention that the side dish was tater tots? Always crunchy, always tasty. And so good for you!



  1. Just a tip... says:

    just a tip…searing doesn’t “seal in the juice”. actually, it can pull more moisture out of your steak than if you didn’t sear it at all. …it does give you a nice color and caramalized crust though.

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